Special elementary education

Special education is available for children in need of specific care. Special elementary education is divided into types, so as to be able to respond as well as possible to the pupil’s abilities and problems.

Special elementary education

There are seven types of special nursery education:

  • Type 2: for children with a slight or severe mental impairment
  • Type 3: for children with an emotional or behavioural disorder
  • Type 4: for children with a motor impairment
  • Type 5: for children living in a hospital, a preventorium or a residential setting
  • Type 6: for children with a visual impairment
  • Type 7: for children with a hearing impairment or a speech or language disorder
  • Type 9: for children with a disorder on the autism spectrum, without a mental impairment

In addition to the above seven types, special primary education includes a further three types:

  • type of elementary education on offer: for children with specific educational needs for whom the regular curriculum with reasonable adaptations is not feasible in a school for ordinary education. This type is gradually replacing types 1 and 8.
  • Type 1: for children with a slight mental impairment (being phased out)
  • Type 8: for children with severe learning difficulties (being phased out)

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