Part-time art education

Part-time art education is better known by the terms music school and art academy.

Children, young people and adults can register in one of the four areas:

  • Visual and audiovisual arts
  • Music
  • Dance
  • The art of the word - drama

Children from the age of 6 can start in one of the four areas: visual and audiovisual arts, dance, music or the art of the word - drama. They can also opt for a cross-disciplinary introductory course which covers at least two areas at the same time.

Each area consists of various grades. For each grade that you complete successfully, you receive a certificate indicating the level you attained.

Part-time art education is education followed during free time. It should not be confused with:

  • an art course at the conservatory. This is a higher-education course.
  • a study programme in secondary education in art. This is a secondary-education course.

Brussels has 11 academies. In addition to their main establishments, they also have various other sites where they organise lessons (= additional locations) in nearby neighbourhoods. Consult the website to find all the locations of the academies in Brussels quickly.

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