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Brochure Schakels naar Werk 2021
Do you want to explore your opportunities in Brussels and find out who can help you in your search for a suitable job or training? In this brochure you will find an extensive overview of the Dutch-speaking offer.
Cover Scholengids 2020-2021
The Scholengids does not only feature the contact details of every Dutch-language school in Brussels, but also gives you an overview of the courses of study offered by the Brussels secondary schools.
voorblad brochure Duaal Leren
The brochure entitled ‘Leren & Werken' - aimed at employers (in the private and public sectors) - explains how employers can recruit youngsters registered with a Learning and working centre swiftly and efficiently.
cover gids naar werk
This brochure contains tips and points of particular interest for people looking for work in Brussels.