‘Gids naar Werk (Guide towards Employment)’: a bilingual brochure (NL/FR) with tips on how to apply for a job.

Publication date:  
20 May 2016
This brochure contains tips and points of particular interest for people looking for work in Brussels.
cover gids naar werk

'Gids naar Werk (Guide towards Employment)' helps young people to properly understand job ads, to compile a curriculum vitae, write a cover letter, prepare for a job interview…

How to choose a profession? And how to find a job? This guide will help you. It contains tips on training, internship and student jobs.

The guide also informs you about Dutch-speaking organisations like Actiris, VDAB, Werkwinkels and Leerwinkel Brussel.

The guide is a publication of Tracé Brussel in collaboration with graphic bureau MAKS and with the support of the VGC.

You are welcome to download the brochure from the vzw Tracé Brussel website