‘Pathway-to-Work Training’ ('vorming' or 'opleiding tot werk') allows you to enhance your professional skills. These courses are especially geared towards boosting the employment opportunities for people in high-risk groups.
photo student (photo © VGC - Lander Loeckx)

The ‘Pathway-to-Work’ sector especially focuses on adult job-seekers. They receive:

  • Assistance with finding a training course or job
  • An extensive, tailored offer of Dutch-language training courses and work-experience pathways 
  • Language classes and language-skills training

The website ‘Schakels naar Werk (Steps towards Employment)’ gives you an overview of the guidance services, Dutch-language vocational-training courses and work-experience placements in Brussels.


Contact: the Brussels Werkwinkel (Brussels Work Shop)

The Brussels Work Shops are run by Actiris, VDAB and Tracé Brussel jointly and offer a basic service provision for jobseekers, employees and employers within the Brussels-Capital Region.

Jobseekers looking for a course or job can go to the Werkwinkel for help and advice. In collaboration with employers, the Werkwinkel engages in concrete action to enhance the chances of jobseekers finding a place on the labour market.
The Werkwinkel caters for both Dutch-speaking and non-Dutch-speaking jobseekers who are willing to learn Dutch or who already have a basic knowledge of the Dutch language. It works in collaboration with the network of the Dutch-speaking counselling services and the training and work-experience partners.

The addresses and contact details of the Brussels Work Shops:

Contact: Leerwinkel (Education Shop)

The 'Leerwinkel' welcomes (young) adults who have a question on learning, orientates and guides them towards (vocational) training or adequate studies

Go to the Leerwinkel website (site in Dutch)

Hub: Tracé Brussel

The non-profit organisation Tracé Brussel plays an important role in the sector of training and vocational education.

Find out more about Tracé Brussel on this website (site in Dutch)
Go to the Tracé Brussel website (site in Dutch)