Learning and working

Part-time secondary education is open to pupils from the age of 15 years who wish to combine learning and working. To do so, they can go to one of the various Centra voor Leren en Werken (Learning and Working Centres).
photo: pupils (photo © VGC - Lander Loeckx)

In Brussels, there are various Learning and Working Centres where learning and working can be combined.

At that, there are also various ways of doing so:

  • Through an apprenticeship via the Brussels Agency for Entrepreneurial Training, SYNTRA Brussel: pupils follow courses 1 day a week and work in a small or medium-sized enterprise for the rest of the week.
  • In a Centre for Part-time Education ('Centrum voor Deeltijds Onderwijs' - CDO): pupils go to school for 2 days a week and work in their chosen field for 3 days a week. In these centres, pupils can also obtain a certificate of the 2nd or 3rd stage or a diploma of secondary education.

The Pupil Guidance Centre service ('Centrum voor Leerlingen Begeleiding' - CLB) co-defines pupils’ pathways. Pathway-to-work counsellors help pupils find work. 


Special support for some pupils

Pupils who still lack the relevant attitudes and competences to combine learning with an actual work placement are offered the opportunity of following a preliminary pathway, a bridging project or a personal-development pathway. In Brussels, pupils can opt for the following pathways:


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