Study allowance applications for the 2018-2019 school year

Publication date:  
12 July 2018
School or study allowances for youngsters attending Brussels Dutch-speaking education must be applied for to the Flemish Community. For the 2018-2019 school year, applications can be submitted as of 1 August.
pupils working on a computer (photo ©VGC - Lander Loeckx)


What is a school or study allowance?

A school or study allowance is a form of financial support from the Flemish Government to help cover school or study costs.

  • School allowances have been designed for infants or pupils attending elementary or secondary education.
  • A study allowance is aimed at students attending a university college or university.

To qualify the pupil or student in question must attend an institution accredited by the Flemish Community.


Further information

Are you entitled to a school or study allowance for your child? What documents do you need to submit? Who can help you submit the application?
For answers to these and any other questions, dial 1700, the free phone number of the Flemish government.

All the relevant information can also be found on the website (site in Dutch).