My child is struggling at school. Whom can I contact?

Schools expect a lot from children and youngsters these days. Do not hesitate to contact the school if you feel that your child is struggling.

  • Discuss it with your child's teacher. He or she sees your child at work in class every day and will be able to tell you how your child is getting on at school and examine, together with you, what your options are.
  • Talk to the principal, or, if your child is still in elementary education, to the special needs coordinator. They have a broad view of the situation and will be able to refer you to specialist institutions for diagnosis or assistance.
  • Contact the CLB (Centrum voor Leerlingenbegeleiding) (Pupil Guidance Center) your child's school is collaborating with. CLBs are even more specialised, can make a more accurate diagnosis and will help the school offer your child the necessary support. 

In many cases, problems can be resolved and children are soon able to keep up with their classmates again.


But at times, the problem may be more deep-rooted. Some examples of learning disorders:

  • dyslexia (genuine difficulties with reading and spelling)
  • dys• Dyscalculia (serious difficulties acquiring arithmetical skills)
  • ADHD (serious concentration problems, inability to sit still)
  • Autism spectrum disorders (a. o. difficulties forming relationships)…

Only specialist bodies are able to determine whether your child is suffering from a learning disorder. The CLB (Centrum voor Leerlingenbegeleiding) (Pupil Guidance Centre) will be able to refer you.