I qualified as a teacher through French-speaking education. Can I teach in Brussels Dutch-speaking education?


Equivalence of diplomas

If you, as a holder of a diploma issued by a foreign or French-speaking education authority, wish to teach in Dutch-speaking education (in Brussels or in Flanders), you will first have to get your diploma recognised as being equivalent to a Flemish diploma.

Further information and the relevant application forms can be found on the NARIC-Vlaanderen website.


Proficiency in the Dutch teaching language

To teach in Dutch-speaking education (in Brussels or in Flanders), you will need to demonstrate that you are proficient in the teaching language, i.e. Dutch. You can demonstrate your knowledge of the language by means of:

  • The skills certificate Dutch you rely or can rely on for your appointment. It suffices that you obtained your basic qualification or certificate of teaching competence through the Dutch language.
  • A certificate of a recognised language course Dutch or a certificate of a language exam Dutch. 

If you haven't yet satisfied the language requirements and the school is unable to find another candidate, the organising body may apply for a language derogation on your behalf. This means that you can take up your post anyhow and that you get the time to comply with the language regulation requirements.

Read the circular letter ‘Vereiste taalkennis bij een aanstelling in het onderwijs (Linguistic requirements for teachers)’ (in Dutch).