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The VGC (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie - 'Flemish Community Commission ') is the cornerstone and hub of the Flemish Community within the Brussels-Capital Region and for anyone who wishes to be associated with it. But how about education and training? And which VGC initiatives can you find on this website?
photo: building of the VGC-administration

About this website

This website contains everything and anything there is to know about Dutch-speaking education and the Dutch-speaking training offer in Brussels.

The information has been subdivided per target group. Parents, students, course participants, pupils.... can find information here about a. o.:

  • The courses of study and training programmes the various schools and training institutions offer
  • The structures of Dutch-speaking education in Brussels
  • Current topics
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about education and training

Some pages for this particular target group have been translated. In the Dutch-speaking version of this site, this information features under the button ‘les volgen’.

The pages published in the Dutch language also feature information that is of interest to professionals (teachers, trainers, boards…) (behind the buttons ‘les geven’ and ‘directies & organisaties’):

  • VGC news
  • An overview of the support initiatives the VGC has set up for educational and training institutions
  • An up-to-date list of any vacancies in schools and training institutions
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about education and training

Policy preparation, planning and implementation

In the coalition agreement, which is concluded at the start of every government term, the policy makers outline the policy they intend to pursue over the next five years.

At the start of the government term, the members of the board submit a white paper per individual policy area to the Board of the VGC which contains an overview of the various policy options and the main strategic choices for the policy area in question. The government policy statement and white paper are subsequently fine-tuned in the annual policy statements:

The VGC prepares and implements its policy. It examines, confers and coordinates. To that effect, it collaborates with a range of partners, among which: the Brussels Lokale Overlegplatformen (Local Consultation Platforms) (LOPs), the Flemish Community, the adviesraad Onderwijs en Opleiding (Education and Training Advisory Council), the werkgroep Onderwijs (Education Working Group), the Brussels umbrella organisations…

VGC as organising body

Since 1995, the VGC has been the organising body of a number of educational institutions that used to be run by the former Province of Brabant. The Kasterlinden (Sint-Agatha-Berchem) and Zaveldal (Brussels) special education schools are VGC schools but the VGC is also the driving force behind the CLB N-Brussel (Sint-Agatha-Berchem).

Click here for further information on the VGC schools (page in Dutch)

Inside the VGC: who is in charge of what? 

Political responsibility for the education and training competences of the VGC lies with the college member competent for Education and School Construction (page in Dutch). Mr Sven Gatz is the VGC College Member competent for Education and School Construction.

The VGC College submits its main policy options and financial resources to the Raad van de Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie (site in Dutch) (Council of the Flemish Community Commission) for discussion and approval.

Within the VGC Administration (site in Dutch), the algemene directie Onderwijs en Vorming (Directorate-General Education and Training) administers the education and training files. 

  • The Directorate-General Education and Training is managed by Mr Steven Vervoort, Managing Director. 
  • Mr Piet Vervaecke is in charge of the Onderwijscentrum Brussel (site in Dutch) (Brussels Education Centre), which forms part of the Directorate-General Education and Training.