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Cover of the brochure 'Scholengids 2018-2019'
The Scholengids does not only feature the contact details of every Dutch-language school in Brussels, but also gives you an overview of the courses of study offered by the Brussels secondary schools.
cover gids naar werk
This brochure contains tips and points of particular interest for people looking for work in Brussels.
cover 'Leren & Werken' 2013
The brochure entitled ‘Leren & Werken' - aimed at employers (in the private and public sectors) - explains how employers can recruit youngsters registered with a Learning and working centre swiftly and efficiently.
cover 'Schakels naar Werk 2013'
The guide 'Schakels naar Werk’ (2013 edition) gives an overview of the Dutch-speaking vocational training, pathway-to-work and work-experience projects within the Brussels-Capital Region.