'Schakels naar werk 2013 (Steps towards Employment 2013)' guide

Publication date:  
07 January 2013
The guide 'Schakels naar Werk’ (2013 edition) gives an overview of the Dutch-speaking vocational training, pathway-to-work and work-experience projects within the Brussels-Capital Region.
cover 'Schakels naar Werk 2013'

The individual organisations are presented in a clear and user-friendly fashion per offer, target group or sector. Every offer also comes with a clear description of the content, conditions for entry and contact details.
This tool is aimed at consultants, training counsellors and referrers so as to allow them guide jobseekers towards specific courses or pathway-to-work programmes in a targeted and well-informed fashion. This guide is bilingual: Dutch and French.

Please, click on the link to download the guide (.pdf).

Unfortunately, we no longer carry any hard copies of this publication. 

This guide has been published on the initiative of Tracé Brussel (website in Dutch) in collaboration with the VGC, Actiris, VDAB and third parties operating in Brussels.

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