Lenteschool (Spring School), playground for non-Dutch speaking newcomers

Publication date:  
10 January 2017
During the Easter holidays, the Brussels Lenteschool will once again open its doors to non-Dutch speaking newcomers of six to twelve years of age. Through games and challenging activities, Lenteschool immerses youngsters in the Dutch language under expert supervision.
photo: children at the 'zomerschool 2014'



Lenteschool aims to offer non-Dutch speaking newcomers between the ages of 6 and 12 an exciting holiday experience while stimulating their Dutch language skills. This year, Lenteschool will be hosted during the first week of the Easter holidays (from 3 up to and including 7 April 2017).

The idea is to, through play, improve children’s Dutch-language skills so as to further their integration into both Brussels society and Dutch-speaking education. To facilitate that, a team of experienced leaders organises a varied and challenging range of activities, in line with the world and also the talents of the children.

For whom?

The target group is non-Dutch speaking newcomers from 6 to 12 years of age who have attended a maximum of two school years in Dutch-speaking education in Brussels. Children can take part in both Lenteschool and Zomerschool (Summer School) twice.


5 euro per week per child. Eligibility for the social tariff must be confirmed by the board in writing however.


Registrations open on 1 February 2017. Please note that places are limited. Registration is compulsory and can only be done through your child's school. The final registration date is 17 March 2017.  For further information and to register: www.onderwijscentrumbrussel.be (site in Dutch).